Something to keep in mind

Chances are, if I want to make it as a writer, I’m going to want an agent at some point…
Getting an agent isn’t as easy as approaching somebody and handing them a piece of paper that says ‘Fancy representing me in exchange for a small financial incentive?’. Although, you could do that, they might not be all that great.

So, I’ve had a look at what it does entail:

Here is a little interview with a couple of guys, Rob Kraitt and Matthew Bates, who know about this sort of thing.

As Neil Gaiman always says: ‘If you want to be a writer: write.’

The Writers Room seems like a pretty good place to see what’s going on, get some information and some advice, and they also accept scripts and offer opportunities.

I also found this list of Agents, which also has a couple of helpful links to interviews with Jason Arnopp and Lucy Hay on how to get an agent, what to do when you’ve got one and why representation is good..

I also found some information from Danny Stack on the Catch-22 of scriptwriting, which is honest but encouraging.

The Writers Workshop also had this to say about agents, as well as information about writing.

I guess I’d better get working on my portfolio and try to prepare myself for years of rejection.

After that, maybe I’ll finally be able to implement some of the information I’ve found about what to do once you’ve got an agent, like this from Film Slate Magazine, and then be prepared for further years of rejection.

It appears that writing is a much maligned career. But I shall attempt to remain stoic.


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