Notes on Pitching

For this year’s pitch, I need to

  • Pitch myself as a specialist
  • Pitch my proposal for a production idea

I should do this buy using images instead of tonnes of text, and have it ready by THURSDAY 24th.

So what needs to go into my pitch? Well:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Time
  • Place
  • Protagonists
  • Protagonists goals
  • Antagonists
  • Obstacles/Conflict
  • Resolution (what changes?)
  • Redemption (what is learned?)
  • What goes at the:

The key to pitching is to present the project in a compelling manner.

Try to do it in a conversational style.

And use the old triptych of:

  • Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them.
  • Tell them the thing you’re telling them about.
  • Tell them what you just told them.

(for example):

  • I am going to tell you about my blue hat.
  • This is my hat. It is blue.
  • That was my hat. It was blue. Thank you and goodnight.

GRAB their attention! Get off to a snappy start, perhaps with:

  • A question
  • A bold statement
  • A hypothesis


  • Tell them about your influences.
  • Give examples of your work.
  • Set the scene, describe some of the conflicts.

This should help you in your pitch.


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