Dissertation Titles

So, the dissertation is coming along. I’ve written a second draft, changed some bits around here and there. I still don’t have a spine, but I sort of know where I’m going with it now.

I came up with some titles in the hopes that this might help me work out what it is I’m writing about.

  • Modern storytelling
  • The importance of storytelling
  • The evolution of storytelling
  • Stories, games and interactivity
  • Storytelling and interactivity
  • Interactive storytelling
  • The relationship between game and story

But these all seem to be just as vague as what I have now. Which isn’t great.

What I need to do, then, is to break apart my dissertation and put it back together. Work out what each paragraph is saying, why it’s there, and from that work out my spine. Then I’ll know what to cut and what to change and hopefully I’ll have some structure. I just need to break it apart and put it back together again.


I also need to work out my flow. I can use footnotes to great advantage here, and I should use them more. If there’s a point I need to make but it breaks up the flow of the writing, I can go back and footnote it.

Once I’ve got a decent essay, I can make it into a nice publication, make it interactive and have fun with it.

But I need the spine first.


2 thoughts on “Dissertation Titles

  1. I always find that sometimes working backwards with longer essays, such as having argument structured out, makes them work better than trying to expand from the title. Well, that’s how I’ve been structuring my dissertation, so I’m hoping it’ll work.


    • laurie2dix says:

      I don’t tend to start with a title, it’s unusual for me. I do some research, plan out the major points I want to hit, sit down and I start writing. Once I’ve got my approximate word count, I go back through the essay and start to mould it how I want it to go. I know it’s a little unorthodox just to sit down and write, but I find that once I have my first paragraph, the rest just seems to follow. I guess I am fortunate in that respect. My issue comes in the editing process.

      The other day I went through highlighting the purpose of each paragraph, and if there was not greater purpose to it, I erased it. I’m getting pretty brutal, but it seems to be working. I’m also miles ahead of everyone else in my class, it seems, most of whom are still planning their first drafts. Here’s hoping I do well on it.

      Thanks for the input though! I do sometimes have a structured argument, all planned out, but often I end up so off topic I’ve managed to argue a completely different thing than I started off with, so I’ve stopped doing that approach. The research and key points tend to do me fine. Minimalist, me.

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