Getting Attention

It has come to my attention that, in order to get the attention of people, perhaps once postcard might not be enough?


After a meeting with my producer, Roz, we feel that it might be better to send three or four sets of postcards, staggering them over a longer amount of time. Only once the receiver has all of the postcards will they be able to put together the clues that will lead them to Malice and allow them to discover the rest of the story for themselves.


This will take the cost up a bit, but it might make it a bit more interactive, if there is some sort of mystery to solve over a few months, rather than hedging my bets on one postcard per person.


The alternative to this is that, without anything to pursue, people may receive the first cards and not follow it any further if they hit a brick wall…


Perhaps it would only require any one of the postcards to get the receiver onto the website, but until a certain time, the website would only contain a countdown timer and perhaps some sort of clues? That way, they might know that they have hit upon the right thing, but that it is not ready for them yet.


It is something to consider over the coming weeks. Do I want to put all my bets on one card, or do I want to send a few, making it more likely that I will get a response, but potentially lose those who might hit on the first card? It’s a gamble. One I will consider over the next month.


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