Visual Design

I have been thinking about designs for my postcards and the website. I think the main Image I want to try and achieve when attempting to represent Malice-Upon-Woe can be summed up with five examples:


  1. Norman Rockwell’s ‘American Gothic’
    American Gothic sums up, for me, the look of everyone who could live in Malice. Normal, but there’s something off about them. Stoney faced, serious, stern. This image has been a great inspiration and a great help when trying to describe some of the images I want to collect in order to create faux news articles for the website.
    Norman Rockwell - American Gothic
  2. “The End Is Nigh” and Victorian Photography
    I love Victoriana and gothica, and given that Victorian gothic stories were what inspired me to create this project in the first place, I could not describe it without referring to this imagery. The image below, of three men wearing their ‘The End Is Nigh’ board is something I would like to mock-up, with me wearing the board as one of the postcard designs, or perhaps for one of the news articles. It’s so bleak and miserable, so morbid. And fitting, for a town that destroys itself. For once, they were right.
  3. Memento Mori
    I speak a bit more about this on my other blog in this link but I will put a couple of examples on here.
    Victorians liked to take pictures of their loved ones in death, that their memory might live on. Memento Mori’s were not unusual, but to look at them now they seem very bizarre. A common trope was to prop the bodies up in order that they might look like they were still alive. In the image below, a young boy is dressed in a frilly dress with a basket of bay leaves: the parents wanted a picture of his deceased twin sister – it was the best they could do.
  4. Hidden Mother
    Hidden mother photographs are a great source of entertainment to me, because they’re so weird. Due to the long exposure times of old photographs, it was often difficult to get the child to stay still. A way around this was to get the child to sit in the lap of the mother, but so that the mother could not be seen, they attempted to disguise her as part of the furniture, so that it appeared to be just a picture of the child. It didn’t work. They look sinister as hell.
    Hidden mother 4
    Sometimes they did it with their pets too. This, if it was not given context, would be one of the weirdest things I have seen in a very long time.

    Hidden mother cat

  5.  The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh
    And finally, that bit from 28 Days Later. You don’t know who wrote it, you don’t know why, but you know they meant it. Something is wrong here, and you’re not sure if you want to find out what.

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