I have been using WordPress to do blogs and things like this for a while, and whereas I know that it is an incredibly powerful piece of kit if you know how to use it, I have never used it in this capacity.


But now, I am thinking;
I don’t really know how to do web design very well. Layouts and things look dated when I do them, and as for usability… Well…

There will need to be a lot of quality assurance.

But WordPress? What if I used WordPress to its full potential? What if I used WordPress, or something similar, to host my website?

What I am creating is essentially an archive of articles and artefacts; it’s a blog, really.

So why not take something I already know how to use, a bit, and create something more with it?

This would probably save me a lot of money, too, instead of buying Domain and Server space…

I’ll definitely have a think about it.


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