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A Summary of my Scripts

I will keep adding to this list as I write more. I will also be crossing off scripts that people have already taken into production.

If you want me to write a script for you which is not included in the list above, just ask me on Facebook, or on twitter @LaurieDix or @MischiefMovies if you want to go for the more ‘professional’ alternative.

NB. None of these are my best works, but I smashed them all out within a couple of days. They’re not supposed to be Oscar Nominations, just supposed to be little experiments. I hope they suffice. If you want to see what I can really do, they ask me to write something for you. If you have an idea for a script in mind, I will happily work on them with you if you feel you could use a little help.

The Statement of Randolph Carter
A screen adaptation of ‘The Statement of Randolph Carter’ by H.P. Lovecraft. Two men go on an expedition to explore a tomb. One of them does not return.

Under the Circumstances
A monologue, written from the perspective of a man, hiding in his attic, as he spirals into madness.

American Sit Com
A parody of how I see most American sit coms, especially those from the 60’s and 70’s. Complete with canned laughter.

American TV Drama
Even buying a bottle of milk becomes a dramatic showdown. Based on CSI and 24.

It didn’t take long me to begin to suffer with writers’ block. This is one of the ways I wish I could get new ideas, absorbing them by osmosis.

Disappointed Mob
Who remembers the angry mobs of yesteryear? The kind with pickaxes and flaming torches? And who knows how much deeper it cuts when you hear the words ‘I’m not angry with you… I’m just disappointed.’ Combine those scenarios and take them to their natural conclusion.

Fear of the Dark
or: How to terrify your child and be a terrible parent.

Fifteen Year Plan
An existential crisis during a job interview may not be the way to go.

Football, honest
A mockery of gender stereotypes in the style of a beer advert.

For The Birds
Inspired by ‘The Birds’ by Elbow. An old man befriends a young nurse in the most sentimental script I’ve written.

Grave Situation
The monologue of a young woman, discussing mortality with the deceased.

Just a Moment
A man is delayed in delivering a ransom as he is frequently stopped by charity workers.

A ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ style conversation about destiny and our place in the universe.

No Doors, No Windows
Someone awakes in a room with no doors, no windows, and one other person whom you should not trust.

No One Was Prepared
Bleak, apocalyptic monologue.

Playing House
We all played ‘House’ as children, but not all of us played ‘House M.D.’

Second Hand
A man discovers that his watch is capable of altering the flow of time, however it is important not to get too over zealous.

Based on the song ‘Smoke’ by ‘Ben Folds Five’. Following a break up, a woman burns her diaries, and along with them, her memories.
– Ryan Cleary

Tea and Toast
Tea, toast, newspaper, breakfast, routine, abduction.
– Connor Coolbear

A piece written specifically for foley. Someone, or something, is in the house, but from the inside of the wardrobe, how will you know what it is?

What’s Out There?
Post apocalyptic bleakness again. Two people in a room are left with the decision; die slowly in here, or quickly out there?

When I’m Cleaning Windows
How do people clean automatic doors?

Writers’ Block
A monologue from the point of view of a writer, staring at a blank page, waiting for ideas to come.
(Guess where the inspiration from this one came from.)

So there we are, there’s a bunch of scripts if you want them. Just ask.
You will notice that most of these scripts are written to be gender neutral. Anyone can play any character, which should make it easier to cast, and will also affect how the stories are portrayed. I have also written most of them, especially the monologues, with very little in the way of direction, sound or camera notes. This allows a low of room for creativity on the side of the director, sound designer, DoP, etc.

I will be putting the names of the people who ‘buy’ the scripts from me next to their title as they are crossed off. this way, if you are interested in a project that has already been sold, you can speak to whomever I sell them to.


Something to keep in mind

Chances are, if I want to make it as a writer, I’m going to want an agent at some point…
Getting an agent isn’t as easy as approaching somebody and handing them a piece of paper that says ‘Fancy representing me in exchange for a small financial incentive?’. Although, you could do that, they might not be all that great.

So, I’ve had a look at what it does entail:

Here is a little interview with a couple of guys, Rob Kraitt and Matthew Bates, who know about this sort of thing.

As Neil Gaiman always says: ‘If you want to be a writer: write.’

The Writers Room seems like a pretty good place to see what’s going on, get some information and some advice, and they also accept scripts and offer opportunities.

I also found this list of Agents, which also has a couple of helpful links to interviews with Jason Arnopp and Lucy Hay on how to get an agent, what to do when you’ve got one and why representation is good..

I also found some information from Danny Stack on the Catch-22 of scriptwriting, which is honest but encouraging.

The Writers Workshop also had this to say about agents, as well as information about writing.

I guess I’d better get working on my portfolio and try to prepare myself for years of rejection.

After that, maybe I’ll finally be able to implement some of the information I’ve found about what to do once you’ve got an agent, like this from Film Slate Magazine, and then be prepared for further years of rejection.

It appears that writing is a much maligned career. But I shall attempt to remain stoic.

Personal Development

You will need:

  • A CV
  • A positioning statement
  • An online presence (website, twitter, facebook, whatever…)
  • A showreel/portfolio
  • Business cards wouldn’t hurt
  • a BRAND

Business card ideas:

  • Nicely designed
  • Credit card sized?
  • What kind of stock?
  • Font? Colour? Brand?
  • Could they have a second use?
  • Have a QR code which links to my website?


  • Who are you?
  • What do you?
  • What makes you different or better than other people going for that job?



“Writer, storyteller, logophile, rascal.”

“Cowboy  Astronaut  Storyteller”


Remember, a CV is an ADAPTABLE TEMPLATE. It should contain:

  • Contact details
  • Personal details
  • Credits
  • Production experience
  • Professional roles (employment)
  • Interests and passions
  • Health and safety, risk assessment training proof
  • Skills and attributes (near the top)

See if you can get a photographer to photograph you working?

Should be less than 2 sides.

Put some images on there maybe? Make it interesting.