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Lots of Projects

So, without realising it, I appear to have taken on a lot of jobs.

The list of projects I am working on now consists of:

  • Malice-Upon-Woe (Multimedia project: My own project.)
  • Lost for Words (ARG: Roz Dean)
  • Untitled (Computer Game: Jeff Chang)
  • Mickey’s Tavern (Film: Steve Dunn)
  • Dennis (Film: Connor Coolbear)
  • Lost (Film: Ryan Cleary)
  • LyfX (Film: Kyle Bayley)
  • Hello World! (Computer Game: Fred Iles)
  • Untitled (Installation: James Peden)

As well as my dissertation and professional practice.

Hello World! and the Installation are not, as of yet, confirmed. I am not sure the amount of involvement I will have in these projects, as with LyfX, however they have accepted my offer of a helping hand if they need it.

Jeff’s computer game is proving to be insanely complicated, and I am not entirely sure if I will be able to fully commit to this project.

Dennis, Mickey’s Tavern, Lost and Lost For Words are under way, however. I have been working on script development with Steve, Connor and Ryan, and have been kicking about development ideas for the game with Roz. I think that these developments will continue over the coming months.

For now, I am trying to concentrate on my own work, helping people with their scripts and attempting to have a meeting with the head of each project per week, so as to monitor their developments and aid them in in production.

If, as I suspect may happen, my involvement in LyfX, Hello World! the installation and perhaps Jeff’s game diminish, I will seek other projects on which to stick my oar in and see if I can work on further script development. For now, however, I should probably just deal with what’s already on my plate.