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Lots of Projects

So, without realising it, I appear to have taken on a lot of jobs.

The list of projects I am working on now consists of:

  • Malice-Upon-Woe (Multimedia project: My own project.)
  • Lost for Words (ARG: Roz Dean)
  • Untitled (Computer Game: Jeff Chang)
  • Mickey’s Tavern (Film: Steve Dunn)
  • Dennis (Film: Connor Coolbear)
  • Lost (Film: Ryan Cleary)
  • LyfX (Film: Kyle Bayley)
  • Hello World! (Computer Game: Fred Iles)
  • Untitled (Installation: James Peden)

As well as my dissertation and professional practice.

Hello World! and the Installation are not, as of yet, confirmed. I am not sure the amount of involvement I will have in these projects, as with LyfX, however they have accepted my offer of a helping hand if they need it.

Jeff’s computer game is proving to be insanely complicated, and I am not entirely sure if I will be able to fully commit to this project.

Dennis, Mickey’s Tavern, Lost and Lost For Words are under way, however. I have been working on script development with Steve, Connor and Ryan, and have been kicking about development ideas for the game with Roz. I think that these developments will continue over the coming months.

For now, I am trying to concentrate on my own work, helping people with their scripts and attempting to have a meeting with the head of each project per week, so as to monitor their developments and aid them in in production.

If, as I suspect may happen, my involvement in LyfX, Hello World! the installation and perhaps Jeff’s game diminish, I will seek other projects on which to stick my oar in and see if I can work on further script development. For now, however, I should probably just deal with what’s already on my plate.


Notes and Scribbles

Roz and I had a meeting last night.

We discussed things. Here is what was discussed.


  • We want to make people as paranoid as possible. One way of doing this is putting them on opposing teams without knowing who the others are.
  • The idea was to give some people the job of ‘Scientist’. They would be searching for the creature.
  • The other team would be ‘the media’. They have found out about the escaped creature and are trying to get the scoop.
  • The media are hunting the scientists, the scientists are hunting the saurus.
  • The media are also hunting the saurus, so they are playing the game as well as the scientists, but with a slightly different motive.
  • There was a third party, where we would have actors placed as ‘Government Agents’. Proper men in black style black suits and shades. They would be looking for the media.
  • Everyone would have to try and be as nonchalant as possible, hoping that no one notices them.
  • This means that everyone is trying to hide their identity, adding an extra element to the game, but also means that people aren’t sure who is who, and have to be as secretive as possible.
  • We had some ideas for some things to drop into it as aesthetics:
  • Projections
  • Puzzles
  • Hidden books
  • Its own twitter feed, so there would be direct interaction with the participants
  • Hidden cameras, so we could monitor people’s movements.
  • A way of talking to the creature, perhaps by using a remote desktop, we could speak to players directly.
  • Some sort of prize, keepsake or token. Something to take away with you.
  • The storyline is taking a turn for the darker.
  • We were thinking that perhaps there was some sort of animal testing going on?
  • Perhaps they were harvesting the saurus? Taking its words? Collecting bits from it while it is still alive.
  • Perhaps they are trying to feed it into the internet?
  • With the introduction of the ‘Government agents’, it becomes possible to add an extra layer like this.
  • Some sort of third party, actors employed by us, would be able to implement this well.
  • We want to fuck with people.
  • We want to cause panic.
  • We want to cause alarm.
  • We thought that we could trick people, making them freak out. Something like:
    “Could you just go over there and press that button for me please? I just have to do somethi- (they press the button) NO! NOT THAT BUTTON! OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?”
  • Are the rules the same for everyone? Can we give people different advantages or disadvantages?
  • With a camera system set up, we could monitor them, and perhaps interact directly with them.
  • If they came across a CCTV section, where they could see bits of footage from other parts of the level, we could get them running all over the place.
  • We know that we need more stages. Currently we have:
  1. Introduction
  2. Simple puzzles, tricking people into a false sense of security.
  3. Then raise the stakes, introduce the ‘problem’ (the creature has escaped) and the ‘agents’ (the ‘enemy’ perhaps?)
  4. The journey: from hunter to hunted.
  5. The ‘Rug pull’: the stage leading up to the reveal.
  6. The conclusion.
    We do not know what happens at the conclusion. Perhaps we talk to the creature directly? Some sort of direct interaction?
  7. Prize: something to take with you.

We need more stages, thicken the game out a bit, but the more we talk, the more ideas we will have, the more we can fit it. It’s just about experimentation.

And  that’s what I understand so far. There’s probably a bit more to it, and we have a lot of work to do, but we’re on the right track,